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guru Fitting Sidhant (Version 4.0) Programme Summary The It self-fitted Star Track. The series of self-fitted binary star trackers was developed with the objective of providing better services to star spotters. These are the very first portable GPS Stellar Based Spotting devices. The Star Tracker series is mainly used in the following areas: Will-Fit, Casual Star Spotting, Singles, Chasing, etc. These instruments are also used for the detection and identification of celestial objects like the planets, double stars, asteriods and novae. In an earlier version of the programme, it was possible to plot the position of all the stars in the field. The user can check this list and can make entries to the reference stars. Further, with the addition of star ID and the user can even obtain the user's position on the celestial sphere. The same programme can also be used for tracking of artificial satellites. These products are designed and developed in India by The program caters to those who are interested in astronomy, amateur and professional alike. The program is very easy to use and is suitable for the user with no previous knowledge of astronomy. The basic user interface is shown in Figure 1. The program can be run by non-technical individuals without any help. It supports PC and Mac operating systems. The star trackers are available on the internet. A sample download from the internet is shown in Figure 2. The download is available for free on the internet. Download the software and the user manual. The software can be downloaded for free from the website, and further links are given on the website. The other links are given on the website to the programs. Figure 1. The user interface of the program. Figure 2. A sample download from the internet. The technical specifications of the star trackers are shown in Table 2. In addition to the above features, the software also enables you to create a perfect planisphere using the lunar phases and heliocentric information. You can also make a digital image of the sky using the software. The four options are available on the right side of the screen, i.e., Zoom In, Zoom Out, Zoom In 1/3, Zoom Out 1/3. The user can also access the field calculator from the menu bar. The field calculator is used to perform simple calculations and the user can also use the program to input the data into the calculator. The program requires a serial port connection and the OS runs on the PC

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